v2.5 Release – Lag fixes!

Global Transport A lot of critism for past versions of YORG.io has been the lag in later features of the game:   Mainly this was related to the recomputation of optimal routes, many of you will probably recognize this: So, this has been fixed!¬† There is now a new skill called "Global Transport". When unlocked,... Continue Reading →


v2.4 Release

After a long time without updates (Mainly to me being busy with other stuff), there is now a new (small) update! Introductory tutorial During the first play, this hint is shown to ease getting used to the game. Advanced UI Toggle The resource statistics and views are now hidden by default, not overwhelming new players.... Continue Reading →

v2.3 Release

Today I'm releasing Version 2.3 of YORG.io. The main feature is a revamped saving system: You can now simply press the save button to create a new savegame, or update your active savegame. There is no limit to how many savegames you can have. Using the Import button you can import previous text-based savegames. You... Continue Reading →

Yorg.io V2.2 Release

Hey everyone! Super excited about this quick new update. I couldn't wait for a bigger update because this is a new gamemode that we have all wanted for a while now! Sandbox mode: Experimental Everything is free, and there are infinite crystals You can upgrade your base to the maximum level you had in other... Continue Reading →

YORG.io V2.1 Release

Here is a new update for Yorg! Some small changes here and there and overall just improving the game.   Increased Map Size The map is now four times as big as before (200x200 instead of 100x100). This means a lot more space to expand since previously players already had covered the whole map. However,... Continue Reading →

Yorg.io V2.0 Release

Hey everyone! There is a brand shiny new update of Yorg.io - version 2.0 coming this Friday! Super pumped to announce these features below. If you ever have any suggestions, or want to beta test upcoming releases, please join the¬†Discord community and come chat! Saving / restoring the game This is a very experimental feature... Continue Reading →

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